Feb 18

Human Resources Manager at SERMA Safety & Security

“My switch from SERMA Technologies to SERMA Safety & Security: a new adventure and new responsibilities! “

I joined SERMA Technologies in 2007 as Recruitment Supervisor. Owing to my general studies background, I was given Human Resources functions such as career management and helping the staff with mobility, whether in terms of status, function or geographically. I then occupied the position of Human Resources Manager at SERMA Technologies. At the end of 2016, I was offered a job at SERMA Safety & Security. A new adventure with new responsibilities for helping the staff, improving HR marketing or looking at ways of ensuring staff loyalty and career development.

The Group draws its strength from its people and their skills, offering a great diversity of jobs, specialisations and tasks. All the companies are enjoying good growth and are independent. What makes the Group stand out is that it works just like an SME: it is a Group on a human scale, in which the Management is close to the staff. The staff enjoy exceptional benefits with the Metallurgical sector collective bargaining agreement, good social benefits and a good salary. For small entities with not many staff, this is an advantage.

SERMA Group is a fine company which is moving forwards thanks to the drive and motivation of its staff.

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