SERMA Group and UTAC CERAM sign a partnership for battery tests
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Jun 20

sign a partnership for battery tests

SERMA Group, specialists in electronic technologies, embedded systems and information systems and UTAC CERAM, a private and independent group, who are significant partners of many organizations within the automotive and mobility sector, are announcing today the signing of a partnership agreement.

This commercial partnership agreement covers battery testing for electric and hybrid vehicles. This partnership is perfectly timed following governmental announcements aimed at making France the largest European producer of clean zero emissions vehicles with the production of a million electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars per year by 2025.

In order to meet the existing and ever more stringent regulations limiting CO2 emissions, manufacturers will have to significantly reduce the Carbon Dioxide emissions of their future new cars by 37.5% between 2021 and 2030. We understand the importance of this issue and the need to help manufacturers strongly accelerate the development of their electrified driveline systems to achieve these targets.

This new partnership agreement is therefore designed to support manufacturers and the tier supply chain of all automotive batteries in this crucial transformation and to enable them to meet this new challenge. UTAC CERAM and SERMA Group will provide a full range of battery tests, at cell, module and pack level, and from development tests to final certification.

The test capabilities of both partners will be deployed in parallel and complementary ways including: EMC chambers, climatic chambers, and destructive testing … in order to meet the requirements of regulation R100.02 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) concerning the safety of vehicles and batteries. Within SERMA Group, this partnership is supported by the entities SERMA Energy and SERMA Technologies.

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