SERMA Group and ACC sign a 6-year strategic partnership for battery testing
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Jan 24

SERMA Group and ACC join forces to drive the electric future

SERMA Group and Automotive Cells Company (ACC), a leading manufacturer of battery cells and modules for electric vehicles, announce the conclusion of a six-year strategic partnership. This partnership marks a crucial step in the growth of the SERMA Group’s energy business, and represents a mutual commitment to promoting and developing electric mobility in France and worldwide.


By multiplying its test capacity dedicated to the validation of electric vehicle powertrains, SERMA confirms its positioning at the heart of the automotive industry’s future challenges. The new test center, located in Martillac near Bordeaux on a platform of over 6,500m², will welcome 45 new employees and will be operational by the end of 2024. The first tests at the new center will start in 2025.
SERMA will carry out electrical and abuse tests for Automotive Cells Company on batteries developed by the R&D Expertise Center in Bruges, reinforcing a fruitful collaboration of over two years.

The SERMA Group, expert in electronic technologies for over 30 years, began its commitment to batteries in 2010.

In 2018, the SERMA Group accelerated its shift to electric vehicles with the opening of a test center incorporating the latest technologies in Pessac.

The Group’s ambition didn’t stop there, as it signed several strategic partnerships with leading mobility manufacturers in 2019.

SERMA is thus positioned as a key partner in the development of French and European gigafactories.

SERMA’s battery expertise goes far beyond electrical and abuse testing. SERMA offers services based on its knowledge of the technologies and chemistries used in batteries. SERMA can also set up test centers at customer sites.

This strategic alliance reflects the two companies’ shared commitment and vision in promoting sustainable electrification, both regionally and internationally.

It is important to emphasize that the project would have been impossible without the commitment and efficiency of the real estate company Berlie Building Company. Their ability to identify, negotiate, and finance the Martillac site within a few weeks was crucial for the realization of this project.

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