SERMA Energy has inaugurated its platform dedicated to batteries and power electronics
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Mar 19

On Monday 25 March, SERMA Group inaugurated its test, expertise and services platform dedicated to the electrical energy sector. Nearly 200 people were gathered for this event. The group’s latest platform, SERMA Energy, is unique in Europe and is located in the AMPéRIS technology park in Pessac, which is part of the SEML Route des Lasers.
This platform complements the group’s technological capabilities in the fields of microelectronics, embedded systems and cybersecurity, and consolidates the one-stop shop for expertise and consulting it offers in electronics and systems.

Specialist in electronics, SERMA Group, based in Pessac for nearly 30 years, has been carrying out expertise and tests on power converters and batteries for many years through its subsidiary SERMA Technologies.

To support the strong growth of the electrical energy sector, the group has opened a platform of more than 5000m² dedicated to the electrical energy sector with an investment of more than 15 million euros. SERMA Energy is the only French service provider to support its customers throughout the entire value chain.

Called “Energy 2020”, the project was launched on 1 January 2019 with the creation of an innovative independent centre, unique in Europe, and offers manufacturers a complete range of qualitative and normative tests and certifications.
The platform is organized into 3 departments: batteries (cells, modules and packs), power electronics (converters, on-board or fixed chargers) and applications (e-engines, drones, SMARTgrids).

The platform has numerous battery benches including more than 192 cell channels, 6 module channels and 8 pack channels, 12 power converter benches, 8 EV charger benches and 4 e-engine benches.
The means are designed to meet all current and future standard technologies with means that can exceed powers of more than one Megawatt.

This service can be combined with an engineering and industrialization support offer for all sectors of activity. SERMA Energy will eventually have more than 30 employees in this high-tech sector.

SERMA Energy primarily serves the automotive market, which is facing the transition from thermal to all-electric engines. SERMA Energy has signed a major multi-year contract with the manufacturer RENAULT. Beyond that, the offer is aimed at all sectors impacted by electrification, such as aeronautics for hybrid and electric aircraft, or the tertiary sector around smart grids for example (intelligent storage and energy management networks).

“Together with SERMA and other companies and laboratories, the region is capable of hosting this industrial, technological and laboratory ecosystem, making New Aquitaine the automotive region of tomorrow.” explains Alain ROUSSET, President of the région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, at the inauguration.

To give life to this structuring project for the electrical energy sector, SERMA Energy has set up on the former Thalès industrial site in the Bersol area of Pessac. It is the first industrial company to set up in this 11 hectare area. The Group is a partner of the SEML Route des Lasers, which was able to carry out this project thanks to the financial support of the Conseil régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Conseil départemental de la Gironde and Bordeaux Métropole.

The inauguration took place in the presence of Alain Rousset, President of SEML Route des lasers and President of the New Aquitaine region, Franck Raynal, Mayor of Pessac and Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole, Bernard Garrigou, Mayor of Canéjan and County Councillor of Pessac 1, Philippe Berlié, President of the SERMA Group and Jacques Trépant, Director of SERMA Energy.


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