Feb 18

Quality Director at SERMA Group

“It’s thanks to the progress of the Group that I was able to make the move from Quality Manager at SERMA Ingénierie to Quality Director of SERMA Group.”

The adventure started in 1998 when I joined SERESO Electronique as Quality Manager. My work was anything but routine and I saw this “small” company of about forty people rapidly grow. It adopted a quality compliance system and received certification and agreements for the requirements of our two main customers at the time, Airbus and Eurocopter. I was thus able to deploy the structures enabling us to successively obtain PART 21G, PART 145, FAR 145, EN 9100 and CCAR 145.

In 2003, SERMA Group bought SERESO Electronique and SEAL Industrie and then merged these two companies in 2004 to create SERMA Ingénierie.
The company entered a new dimension and the quality department grew with each passing project. At the end of 2016, this department of which I was in charge comprised 6 staff.
Since January 2017, I have occupied the position of Quality Director of SERMA Group. I help the various divisions with their quality approach, by ensuring cross-functional harmonisation of the structures and promoting the sharing of tools and using feedback from the Quality Managers in the Group’s entities.

SERMA Group is constantly developing and new challenges appear every year, such as the buyout of companies and the development of new markets or new activities. It is due to this progress that I have also been able to develop and no two years have ever been the same.

Even if there are more of us today, SERMA is still a company on a human scale. The environment offered by the Group as a result of its growth strategy, the ability of the management to listen and the diversity of staff with valuable technical and human qualities means that I have met and am continuing to meet my own professional ambitions. Working on fine projects in a wide variety of sectors and benefiting from a reputation earned with our customers helps make SERMA Group a real opportunity for anyone wishing to join us.

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