Business lines


SERMA offers support services for the industrialisation of energy products.

Performance, reliability and qualification tests:

  • Electrical and endurance testing
  • Abuse testing

Consulting and expertise:

  • Failure and construction analysis
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Audit
  • Reliability / Standards


  • Product design and industrialisation
  • Tests: design of test benches
  • Validation plans / Campaigns / Certifications

Center of expertise: 

  • 5000m² test and expertise platform – independent and unique in Europe
  • > 250 electrical channels, mecanical benches
  • From a few kW to 2 MW

The platform is organized into 3 departments:

  • batteries (cells, modules and packs),
  • power electronics (converters, on-board or fixed chargers) and
  • applications (e-engines, drones, SMARTgrids).

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