Business lines



  • Creation of mixed, analogue and digital integrated circuits
  • Extreme environments (from -200°C to +300°C)
  • Radiation hardening & qualified space technologies
  • Cloning of obsolete components
  • ASSP catalogue products (RF, RFID), clone of VIC 068, 6802, 80C51…
  • Development and supply of IPs
  • “Fabless” Mode
  • 15 million parts/year (small and medium production runs)


  • All assembly technologies
  • Ceramic and plastic packaging
  • Standard, customised or obsolete components
  • Wafer cutting/Inspection/Chip sorting
  • Specialisation in high-stress systems: medical implants, oil exploration, space applications

Thick and thin film ceramic substrate

  • Multi-layer thick and thin film hybrid
  • Drilling and machining of ceramic substrates
  • Fields: defence, medical, industry

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