SERMA Group announces appointment of new CEO
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Jun 23

SERMA Group, the French expert in reliability, safety and security, power Electronics and information systems, is proud to announce the appointment of Pierre-Olivier BESOMBES as Chief Executive Officer of SERMA Group on Thursday 1 June 2023.
This strategic appointment marks an important step in the development and structuring of SERMA Group.


Given SERMA Group’s growing size (1300 employees and 170 million in sales by 2022), the multiplication of its strategic businesses, its international development and the need to guarantee its long-term future, Philippe BERLIE has decided to strengthen the SERMA Group’s governance.
Pierre-Olivier BESOMBES brings complementary expertise, an innovative vision and a passion for innovation, which are perfectly aligned with the SERMA Group’s corporate culture and values.
Prior to joining SERMA, Pierre-Olivier BESOMBES held Executive positions in several industrial companies in France and internationally, which will enable him to effectively lead the SERMA Group in a constantly changing environment.
As an accomplished leader, he will be able to accelerate the Group’s already strong growth to make it a key international partner for industrial players in electronics, energy, security and telecommunications.


As Chief Executive Officer, Pierre-Olivier BESOMBES will be responsible for the Group’s scope and operational performance.
Philippe BERLIE, has been Chairman and CEO of the SERMA Group for more than 15 years , will devote his time to his role as Chairman of the Group; he will be responsible for shareholders relationship, strategic vision and development, and structural actions to promote the growth and value creation of SERMA Group.

« Joining SERMA Group as the CEO is a true honor for me. SERMA’s unparalleled reputation, strong values rooted in excellence and remarkable expertise make it a key player in the industry.
I am thrilled to collaborate with an exceptional team driven by passion and dedication to solidify our position as a market leader while continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of technical excellence.

With the invaluable support of SERMA’s founder and acting Chairman, Philippe Berlié, and our collective commitment, I am confident that together we will reach new heights and we will write an exciting new chapter in SERMA’s history, delivering cutting-edge solutions and services to our customers.”

Pierre-Olivier BESOMBES, CEO of SERMA Group

I am pleased that Pierre-Olivier has placed his trust in us.
With his experience, I am convinced that we are going to take the SERMA Group
to the top and push back our limits in France and abroad.
I will be giving Pierre-Olivier all the support he needs to succeed at this stage and meet these new challenges.”
Philippe BERLIE, Chariman of SERMA Group

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