Feb 18

Engineering Manager for SERMA Ingénierie

“I joined SERMA Ingénierie nearly 10 years ago, first of all as a Hardware Developer for aeronautical equipment and now, Engineering Manager. “

I arrived at the SERMA Ingénierie Design Office in October 2009 as a Hardware Developer for aeronautical equipment. My first project was a controller for an aircraft waste compressor, on which I worked on developing PCB power. However, there was no Project Manager to run this project and after 5 months, I was given this responsibility.

I then worked on increasingly complex projects with higher levels of aeronautical criticality. I worked in particular on various air-conditioning, deicing and brightness controllers. I also took part in designing immersion sensors for helicopters, a task which entailed resolving numerous problems and which represented a true challenge. Today, I am Project Manager for the production of helicopter external and cockpit cameras. I intervene as soon as the customer’s request is received and until series production starts, on the product development, design, validation, qualification and industrialisation stages. I work with a team of 4 to 8 people, depending on the project phases. My role is to ensure that the electronics, software and mechanical aspects progress in synergy, to ensure budget compliance and to act as the interface with the customer.

My job enables me to create equipment, which will then be designed. I spend many months on conceiving these projects so that I can in the end hold the product in my hands and test it. It gives me an overview of the design of a product that will one day be installed in a helicopter and fly for more than 20 years!
I’m lucky enough to be able to work on tier 1 aeronautical equipment in a company on a human scale in which everyone is accessible. SERMA Ingénierie is a true electronics company.

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